EOM_CherylCongratulations Cheryl Williams, TRS Clinical Liaison, on being named employee of the month for June! She’s worked for TRS for more than a year and has developed her position as clinical liaison. Not only does she review issues and counsels healthcare professionals, but she also advocates for healthcare professionals. And with her medical background as an RN, she understands the issues better. “A lot of times I will take up for the nurse,” she said.
When there’s an issue, she’s sure to investigate both sides of it, from the healthcare professional and hospital. “I look up the good and the bad,” she said. For example, when she finds a good evaluation, she offers it as evidence to defend a healthcare professional. “What about this?” she asks. But only after she gathers all information on an issue will she offer advice on it.
Cheryl has been an RN for 17 years. She comforted and restored lives as an RN for about three years, working hospital shifts and in home health. She also worked shifts for TRS in the late 1990s. She went on to conduct nationwide audits on workers compensation and general liability claims for a large retailer and was a case manager, handling workers compensation. She resides in Rogers and has two daughters and one granddaughter. She enjoys flower gardening and playing piano.
Great job Cheryl! We really appreciate all your hard work. “It’s nice to be recognized,” she said. “It made me feel better than I thought it would.”

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