Christine and Kanchan

Christine and Kanchan enjoy a selfie together. Kanchan is healthy and happy after spending six months in Christine’s care in the United States.

Holistic RN Christine Ashton didn’t think she would volunteer again, but that was before she saw the picture. “I cried when I saw the picture,” Christine said. The picture was of Kanchan, a young Indian girl who had been severely injured after falling into a 45-foot-deep well. Christine changed her mind about volunteering. She flew to India and brought Kanchan to the United States to live with her. She comforted and restored her life.”I felt like it was mine to do,” Christine said. “She’s gone through a huge evolution.”

This is the picture of Kanchan  that inspired Christine into comforting and restoring Kanchan's life.

This is the picture of Kanchan that inspired Christine into comforting and restoring Kanchan’s life.

Christine has never cared for someone so intently. She treated her with homeopathic medicine, dressed her wound daily and kept it clean. She did breathing exercises and other forms of therapy. She taught her to swim, read, math, manners, etiquette, and have confidence in herself. After nearly six months in the United States, Kanchan no longer had any ulcers or infection. She gained weight, grew more than 2 inches taller and wasn’t on any medicines.


In India, Kanchan’s leg had been seriously hurt and required surgery to replace her calf muscle. She suffered from chronic foot ulcers and was not able to gain weight. She wasn’t receiving proper care after her surgery. In fall 2014, she had a very bad ulcer, and doctors considered amputating the leg.

Christine worked with the family to see about bringing her to the United States. She met with one of the consulates in India. Meanwhile, she was working with several U.S. hospitals to see if they would take her for treatment. She flew to and from India several times. After three months, she was cleared for treatment in the United States.


Caring for her was similar to treating someone with post-traumatic stress disorder.  She had a great amount of fear after falling into the well. She was 5 when she fell. But by the time she was to return to India, she could go into a basement without any issue. She also received a new brace on her leg. “Her mind is working super clear,” Christine said.

After returning Kanchan to her family in India, Christine will look to care for herself. Self-care is one thing nurses don’t do enough of, she said. It’s very important. Christine will walk the Camino de Santiago from France to Spain. The sacred pilgrimage will take between two and three weeks. “I have to walk to clear myself,” she said.

Christine has been an RN for 10 years.

It’s amazing how much of an impact a picture can have on one’s life. It’s also amazing how much one person can impact someone’s life. Thank you for sharing your story and how you’ve helped restore Kanchan’s life. If you have a story you’d like to share, email jdellarosa@therightsolutions.com or leave a comment below.

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