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About TRS Healthcare

For over 25 years, TRS has been committed to giving our nurses the support and opportunities they need to reach their goals, whether they are financial, career-oriented, or geographical. We’re here to help you achieve success, every step of the way!

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Our Nurses Come First

At TRS Healthcare, you’re a nurse, not a number. We’re an RN-founded and family-owned healthcare recruitment company, which is why we’re so focused on our nurses’ happiness and well-being. Everything we do is aimed at enabling you to thrive—not only from a career and caretaking perspective, but also personally. We’re the advocate you can count on.

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We Help You Achieve More

We believe you should be able to customize your healthcare career path. Whether your career goals are financial, professional, geographical, or altruistic, TRS Healthcare allows you to control your own destiny and personalize your work experience. We use some of the most advanced job-matching technology in the industry, and our travel nursing recruiters are dedicated to helping you advance.

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Offering 24/7 Support

TRS Healthcare provides ongoing support during travel nursing assignments. We’re dedicated to helping you transition smoothly with every new assignment so you feel like you’re at home, even if you’re in a new city or state. We also offer post-orientation follow-ups and weekly check-ins so that you have the comfort, stability, and security you need—no matter where you are.

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A History of Excellence

With 25 years of experience in healthcare staffing and more than a decade as a managed services provider (MSP), TRS Healthcare understands what it takes for healthcare professionals and facilities to be successful. We have a longstanding reputation in the travel nursing industry, thanks to our high-quality job candidates and our long-term relationships with our healthcare facilities and vendor partners.

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