International Placement for Healthcare Organizations

Is your healthcare facility seeking a trusted international healthcare staffing agency to recruit qualified talent from outside of the U.S.? TRS International is the experienced international recruitment partner for you, offering comprehensive direct hire and permanent placement workforce solutions.

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About TRS International

TRS International is a leading international healthcare recruitment agency, offering services for healthcare organizations interested in recruiting non-U.S. based registered nurses (RNs) and medical technologists (MTs) for direct hire and permanent placement in the USA.


Our workforce recruitment process sets a new standard for direct hire and permanent staffing, providing U.S. hospitals with qualified, vetted international nurses and med techs.

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Our International Recruitment Services

Complete relocation and onboarding support
Sourcing and prescreening of candidates
Cost-saving talent solutions
Credentialing and licensing assistance
Legal and immigration expertise

“What stands out about TRS [International] compared to other staffing agencies is the level of experience, knowledge, and passion each person possesses in the area they oversee. They do a wonderful job advocating for both the candidates as well as the organization.”

Pilar LaPointe
Director of Talent Acquisition, Salina Regional Health Center

“Frankly, I truly don’t know where we would be if it weren’t for the work, commitment, and just strong partnership we’ve held with [TRS International and the] team.”

Jaime Lopez
Human Resources Director, NMC Health

Why Work with TRS International?

When you work with TRS International, you gain a partner that is well-versed in the complete process for bringing RNs and med techs from abroad to work in a variety of specialties in healthcare facilities across the United States.


We know that international healthcare recruitment requires more than just a permanent placement. It requires a passion for healthcare that connects the most qualified, experienced international nurses and med techs with the top healthcare providers. This kind of collaboration ensures TRS International gets it right the first time.

Tried-and-True Expertise in International Placement

Our international staffing is headed up by a renowned expert with three decades of experience who forms strong partnerships between foreign healthcare professionals and U.S. facilities.

Built on Decades of Staffing Experience

For years, we've been a trusted managed services partner for hospitals, big and small. Our aim is always to listen, understand, and deliver. In doing so, we've built a business tailored to our clients' unique needs.

A Nationwide Leader in Healthcare Staffing

We’re an award-winning, endorsed affiliate partner recognized for our excellence in healthcare staffing services, with partners such as TORCH, NRHA, NCHN, IRHA, HINK, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About International Placement

Direct hire typically refers to a recruitment agency sourcing, prescreening, and hiring full-time permanent healthcare staff on behalf of a healthcare organization or facility. In the case of international staffing, this means the agency sources candidates from abroad, relocating them to work in the U.S. TRS International provide direct hire placement for our healthcare facility clients.

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Partner with TRS International

Ready to connect about international healthcare staffing? You can speak with a TRS International representative by emailing us at or completing our short information request form.