Healthcare Careers with TRS International

Have you been looking for healthcare careers within the U.S.? TRS International helps non-U.S. based registered nurses, medical technologists, and other specialists find meaningful jobs at healthcare facilities in the United States. Apply with us today, and we’ll help you find your next permanent position!

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About TRS International

TRS International is a leading international healthcare recruitment agency, helping non-U.S. based registered nurses (RNs) and medical technologists (MTs) find permanent career opportunities in the USA.


Our incredible team works closely with international healthcare professionals during the credentialing, licensing, and immigration steps of the process.

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Working with TRS International

TRS International proudly assists international RNs and MTs in securing positions at hospitals and clinics within the U.S. Our staffing process provides healthcare professionals with personalized service, including:

Control over job choice
Competitive pay
Credentials, licensing assistance, and immigration assistance
Relocation program, including assistance with housing, Social Security numbers, bank accounts, phones, and “get-to-know” USA orientation

"I loved how Mr. Scott assisted and welcomed us when we arrived, taking us to the hotel to rest for 1 he helped me apply for a Social Security number, open a bank account, and accompany us going to our house location and workplace via road trip."

Catherine D.V., Med Tech

"Ms. Lisa Taylor has been so helpful and responsive since day 1 of our application. We appreciate her time and effort. She has been so patient in answering all our queries during the whole process and even up to now that we have already started our work. We love her! Kudos to TRS!"

Marie G., RN

"They found me the most suited job position, arranged an interview with the potential employer, guided me through the application process, and even provided me an assistance in relocation…If anyone is looking for their dreams to come true, TRS is the one!"

Misaki K., RN

"We are so blessed and happy because you treated us like your own family…We really appreciate all these things that you have done for our family. I hope and pray that you will help more med techs like me reach here in the U.S…God bless you and the whole TRS family."

Nnylel S.

"Everyone was so welcoming and helpful, from the processing of my documents up to the time I started working here in the U.S. Special mention to Sir Scott Jackson…Ms. Mya for making the effort to look for and set up our accommodation and hospital orientation. And Ms. Lisa for the support and smooth processing of our documents. Thank you, TRS Team!"

Van Jason O., Med Tech

"They do their best to make their employees happy and get adjusted to a new place. My heartfelt thanks to each and everyone in the TRS Healthcare team for everything they’ve done."

Thabitha K., RN

"They welcomed us and treated us the best way they could. They helped us accomplish all the things we had to do…All the staff of the agency took care of us, and they never left us."

Kert “Micko” R., RN

Frequently Asked Questions About International Placement

Yes, the U.S. is hiring international healthcare professionals for a variety of specialties at U.S. hospitals. We encourage registered nurses and medical technologists with the appropriate credentials and licensing in their home countries to apply for permanent placement at a hospital through TRS International. Visit our application page.

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Find a Job with TRS International

If you’re a non-U.S. based RN or MT and want to discuss career opportunities with U.S. healthcare facilities, fill out the TRS International application form, and we’ll be in touch!