Meet the TRS
Healthcare Team

The corporate team at TRS Healthcare is “All In” when it comes to taking care of our healthcare professionals and healthcare organization partners. We strive to build long-term relationships as your trusted advisor. Get to know more about our team below!

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Leadership Team

Our C-suite executives and department leaders help our corporate team succeed in all aspects of their careers by building effective teams, establishing our vision, and living up to the company’s mission and values.

Recruiting Team

Our travel healthcare recruitment team is unlike any other in the staffing industry. We go above and beyond to ensure our travelers have ongoing support for their personal and professional goals, and we advocate for their needs.

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"Working at TRS feels like family! I know that I’m fully supported in my day-to-day role but also encouraged to continue setting goals for my continued growth/development. As a leader, I love supporting our amazing culture that fosters growth, work/life balance, overcoming challenges, and having fun every day! I come to work knowing I’m surrounded with the most amazing people in the healthcare staffing industry, and we’re all focused on ensuring facilities have the best healthcare professionals to care for their patients."

Melissa Roth

Director of Credentials

Work for TRS Healthcare

Interested in working for our healthcare staffing company? TRS Healthcare has great corporate career opportunities in recruiting, technology, marketing, client services, finance, and more.