Vendor Management System for Healthcare Organizations

TRS Managed Services provides a user-friendly vendor management system (VMS) called CENTRAFI that reduces friction points for healthcare organizations managing vendors and their workforce. Through CENTRAFI, your healthcare facility can oversee the full cycle of assignments, from posting and hiring temporary and permanent positions to invoicing and renewing contracts.

An All-in-One Solution for Healthcare Staffing Needs

CENTRAFI streamlines your vendor and workforce management in a user-friendly dashboard. Whether you need to post positions, review applications, track licensing and credentials, manage timesheets, or offer renewals, our VMS helps your healthcare organization stay on top of staffing.

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What You Can Expect When Using Our VMS

Personalized and dedicated support from our team
Streamlined management of staffing assignments
Qualified and vetted supplier-partner network
Convenient dashboard with comprehensive analytics for hiring, compliance, invoicing, and more

Why Choose CENTRAFI for Your VMS Needs?

TRS Managed Services combines vendor management with MSP services, offering your healthcare organization a comprehensive staffing solution backed by personalized support. We want to make workforce management easier for your team and healthcare facility so you can remain effective and optimally staffed.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Vendor Management Systems

The main benefit of a vendor management system is that it can help your healthcare facility streamline workforce management. Systems like CENTRAFI make it easy for you to oversee all steps in the process of hiring and managing temporary, short-term, long-term, and permanent healthcare staff.


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