TRS Radio co-hosts Frank Whalen and Caleb English bring you all the fun in their new podcast.Frank and Caleb, the dynamic hosts of TRS Radio, aren’t short on fun. When asked why do TRS Radio, Caleb said, “Why not?” and gave Frank a high five. The duo is quick to laughter, and one thing’s for sure. They have wit. In a recent podcast, they talked about how little they plan. Of course, they do some planning because they have guests on each show. But they don’t have a set script. Yet the shows flow smoothly and the banter between the two is hilarious. “We gel together pretty quick,” Frank said. “We want to keep it professional.”

They are setting the bar on a new level of entertainment for healthcare professionals. “We want to kind of give them a peek behind that curtain,” Frank said. We want to “over communicate why we’re the best” and offer something light-hearted and humorous for those who work one of the most difficult jobs. The podcast is another example of true talents bleeding over into work. Frank has been a recruiter “almost three wonderful years,” but he previously worked in radio for 17 years. Karissa Hobbs, who is also a recruiter and a musician, wrote and performed “Welcome Home,” a heartfelt tribute to all nurses. “We’re just seeing it across the board,” Caleb said.

As director of operations, Caleb brings no shortage of talent to the table. He’s worked in accounting, credentials and recruiting and earned a master’s degree in business administration. When asked about his secret to success, he said he was named most likely to succeed in high school. He also said showing up every day and working hard. “My parents instilled a fantastic work ethic in me,” Caleb said. He has “an amazing wife” who is a doctorial student and adjunct professor, a 6-year-old daughter who is “slowly conquering the world” and a 3-year-old shih tzu. Caleb enjoys being a wonderful father, wood working and running.

Frank was born in Colorado Springs but calls Atlanta home. He’s lived throughout the country and moved to Northwest Arkansas almost 15 years ago. If he could, Frank would release a new podcast every day, but he’s aiming for one a week. Outside work, Frank enjoys art, music, photography, writing, working out, video games and spending time with his 17-year-old daughter. Find new TRS Radio podcasts at www.therightsolutions.com/podcasts or on iTunes. View in iTunes to subscribe and keep up with all of Caleb and Frank’s antics.

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