We know that your time as a nurse is valuable, so back in the day The Right Solutions got right down to it and created The Traveler’s Hub, often referred to as just “The Hub.”

What is the Hub you might ask? Great question! I am so glad you asked.

The Traveler’s Hub is a proprietary online program that allows you to manage your TRS profile. You can update your credentials, view job contracts, esign important documents, update personal information, view TRS policies and benefits, and refer a friend (for more info on our referral program click here) all from your computer, smart pad or phone! No more mad dashes to the printer and fax machine. Everything can be done wherever you are, whenever you want.

A screen shot of the Traveler Hub!

So what does this mean for you? It means starting work faster because contracts and important documents can be signed instantly online. It means being able to upload a credential immediately after you have completed it, which in turn allows your recruiter to push out your updated profile to potential jobs instantly.

In the Travel Nurse industry, jobs post constantly and are filled quickly.  If you have a credential that is required for a position but is not in your profile, the job could be gone before you even have a chance to fax it to us. With the Hub you can upload your new credential instantly via your smartphone and be submitted out to potential assignments immediately. The Traveler Hub allows you the opportunity to never miss out on a potential job again.

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