Info Graphic_for blogWe’re here when you need us! Learn about how the staff at TRS are ready to help you. Take a visual tour of your TRS team by checking out our info-graphic. Read on to find out what each part of the team does.

  • Recruitment: Your advocate and partner in finding new assignments. With over 70 years combined recruiting experience, your recruiter is your lifeline while on assignment.
  • Account Management: This team develops and maintains relationships with our client facilities across the nation. Working with the end goal of patient care in mind, account managers ensure both nurses and hospitals are a great fit for one another.
  • Credentials: From drug screens to I-9′s, this group knows credentials inside and out. When your contract is booked, you will hear from your credentials specialist to assist you with compiling your compliance documents for your assignment.
  • Housing: It’s your money and your choice on where you stay during your assignment. The housing department will research high and low to find the best housing options available for you on each assignment.
  • Bids: The Right Solutions proudly offers government, VA and IHS assignment across the country. The Bids department is responsible for sourcing these potential contracts and then navigating the waters of government contracting.
  • Recruiting Specialists: This team is responsible for sourcing the highest quality Healthcare Professionals and preparing the resumes to help you get a job.
  • Accounting: We all love our jobs, but the truth is, we don’t do it for free. The accounting team works tirelessly to ensure you are paid on time and accurately each week.
  • Administration: Compliance is key and it takes a team of highly skilled individuals to keep up with and maintain all government and hospital regulations. Additionally, this group expertly manages your insurance and benefits to give you one less item on your plate.
  • Information Technology: Geeks, nerds or hackers; whatever name you might call the IT specialists, one thing is for certain: they keep all of our technology up and running. These guys handle everything from the website on which you are reading this to the paystub you see each week and then some.
  • It’s YOUR team
  • With The Right Solutions, YOU have an expert team at your disposal to take the hassle out of YOUR assignment. We know that a solid support structure is necessary to help YOU each step of the way so YOU can focus on patient care. Together Everyone Achieves More, and with YOUR team at The Right Solutions the sky is the limit as you take the next exciting step in your career. Give us a call and let us build YOUR team around YOU today!


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