John Koch, employee of the year

Congrats John Koch, TRS lead programmer, on being employee of the month and year! John has worked at TRS for 10 years. “I was kind of floored,” John said. “I felt incredibly humbled.” This was his first time to be named employee of the year, and he was not expecting it. He wanted to make sure people knew that him receiving the honor was a team effort with all his co-workers in the IT department. “I don’t think I could get employee of the year without them.”

He and the department have worked on several projects throughout the year that he felt led to him receiving the honor. Some of the projects he mentioned included the development of a mobile app for on-call workers and the software rewrites for the housing and account management departments. John took on the mobile app project as a challenge to himself. “I love learning new code,” John said. It took him about three months to complete the application.

John is currently building a desk.

In his free time, John is building a desk.

John was born and raised in Van Buren. He attended Arkansas Tech University in Russellville and earned a music education degree. He taught band for about nine years before coming to TRS. He also taught elementary school music. The self-taught computer programmer is a “jack of all trades” and enjoys woodworking and photography. He’s currently building a desk and has plans to create a computer-controlled cutting device. John lives in Farmington and has two children, a 15-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old son.

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