Traveling nurses get to see lots of exciting places around the country. It can be a fun lifestyle, but proper preparation before making any trip for a nurse job is crucial. Packing up the car for the trip should be a process that gets underway well ahead of the departure date. If you know you’re going to be taking your own vehicle, then you’ll want to start prepping it as soon as you decide to take on the contract.

Start by cleaning out all of the junk in your car. Clean both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Give it a good washing and vacuuming and you’ll be far more comfortable during the trip. Plus, it’ll prevent any gunk or dirt that’s in there from getting all over the stuff you cram into the car for the move for your nurse job.

Another thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that you’re going to be taking most of your personal things and perishable items with you, so you want to stop buying things in bulk when the date approaches. More stuff bought just means more stuff to lug with you. Stay away from buying up large amounts of perishable goods at the grocery store – they won’t survive the trip.

You’re probably going to want to attempt to bring along as much furniture as possible, but that’s just not a good idea. Be realistic about what you can lug with you along with your essentials. Don’t try to force things you don’t really need, and remember that they probably have everything you’re used to at home available wherever you’re going. So pack smart and enjoy your trip!

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