Choua Lee

Choua Lee was recently named the June employee of the month. He’s been a recruiter at The Right Solutions for the past 1 ½ years.

Choua said he was surprised when he was selected for the honor. He explained that he is just doing his job.

“It is good to be recognized,” he said.

Fellow recruiter Frank Whalen nominated Choua.

“Choua represents himself and TRS incredibly well as a recruiter,” Frank wrote. “I hear his conversations, and he is thorough and accurate, always is compassionate with his HCPs and patient when answering their questions.”

When asked why he thought he earned the honor, Choua explained that he has more nurses working, and the number of calls he makes has increased.

He also said a lot of luck and being up front and honest has played into it.

Super Choua

As well as being employee of the month, Choua Lee also received a Frisbee award, which is an in-house award that’s given to an employee for going above and beyond.

“He consistently logs huge amounts of phone time and is always leading the way with the number of calls made each and every day,” Frank wrote. “Choua does his job, and does it extremely well, all while having a positive and friendly attitude.”

Choua said he tells his nurses that he will check in with them every week.

If there are any problems, he asks them to “always just let me know up front.”

When he is working to recruit nurses, “I always ask them what they want. Always be honest with your nurses.”

Now that he’s earned employee of the month, he said he’s looking to earn employee of the year.

“You’ve got to really show progress,” he said. It will take hard work to reach his goals.

He said he enjoys working for TRS.

“I’m very self motivated,” he said. “I’m my own biggest critic.”

He explained that he plays a lot of sports: volleyball, basketball and soccer. He compared his approach with sports to his job.

“I hate to lose,” he said. “I’m super competitive.”

“When you have that opportunity, you make the best of it or it will slip away.”

And when things do not go as planned, Choua doesn’t dwell on them.

As a future goal, he plans to start a business and run it.

Choua has lived in various parts of the United States. He explained that this has allowed him to communicate more easily with people.

“You talk with people all throughout the U.S.,” he said.

He was born in Thailand and grew up in Massachusetts. He is fluent in both English and Hmong.

In 2000, he graduated from the High School of Science and Technology in Springfield, Mass. After high school, he attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, which is part of the State University of New York. There he earned an associate degree in men’s wear design.

In 2008, Choua graduated from Fresno State with a bachelor’s degree in business.

He currently lives in Fayetteville. “I knew I wanted to come to this area,” he said.

His parents and maternal grandparents live in Waldron, south of Fort Smith. His grandparents operate a farm with chicken and cattle.

Before joining TRS, he worked in sales. He sold high-speed Internet cables and office supplies to businesses.

“He is the first to volunteer help, and I have never seen him frazzled by an extraordinarily stressful position,” Frank wrote. “He currently has 15 people working and is only growing as time goes on. “

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