CassieWell done Cassie Riddick, TRS recruiting specialist, on being employee of the month for March. Cassie was so excited when she was named employee of the month. “I just felt instant joy,” she said. “I was just really overjoyed. That made me feel so good. I felt like it was a win for our entire department.”

Cassie took the lead in the department while the manager was on medical leave. “I kept everything running,” she said. While she didn’t have the title, she took the role. She gave credit to her co-workers for the team effort. “It took everyone to run it,” she said. At the time, as many as nine employees were in the department.

Now the manager has returned, and Cassie earned a lot of great experience. “I almost do all the training for the department,” she said. She recently wrote a policy that requires greater review of profiles before they are submitted. After the policy was put in place, the department cut in half the number of errors and rejected profiles.

Before TRS, she worked in retail sales, data entry and a poultry lab. Cassie was born in Siloam Springs, Ark., and raised in West Siloam Springs, Okla. She graduated from Trinity Christian Academy in Siloam Springs. She likes to play Super Nintendo, paint and sing karaoke. She resides in West Siloam Springs with her 3-year-old and 10-month-old daughters. “I just feel really honored to be employee of the month,” she said. “I’m just really thankful.” Way to go Cassie!

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