Linda Winkelman enjoyed comforting and restoring lives across the nation so much that she returned from retirement three times.

Linda, who lives near Bull Shoals Lake in northern Arkansas, has worked for The Right Solutions since 2001. When asked what kept her working for TRS all those years, she immediately said, “Robin.” Her recruiter, Robin Clark, is like family to her, she said. Robin has been her only recruiter while with TRS. “She’s very professional,” Linda said. She always gets all the information Linda needs as quickly as she can. “We just have a very good relationship.”

Robin encouraged Linda to return from retirement by offering her deals. After working a contract, Linda could complete projects at her home and in the yard. “She’s pretty much always taken whatever I offered her,” Robin said. “You can count on what Robin says,” Linda said. “You knew what you were going to get.”

Linda started working for TRS after she responded to a bulletin board flyer. Her first position with TRS was at Chinle Hospital in Arizona. When asked what her favorite position was while working for TRS, Linda said, “There have been so many. It’s hard to pinpoint one.” She’s worked multiple times in Arizona, Montana and Alaska. Her most recent position at Winslow Indian Health Services in Winslow, Ariz., “was very good,” she said. “I loved everybody.” In Alaska, she recalled walking to work in minus 45 degree temperatures. At one point, she remembered the temperature dropped to 60 below. She preferred working at Native American facilities. She liked the culture.

“Robin’s always placed me very quickly,” Linda said. “I’ve tried to retire three times. I’m 70.” She’s been an RN for more than 20 years. She started with TRS working per diem. Then she started traveling. “It suited my needs,” Linda said. She loved the challenge, the cultural aspects and different environments. “It doesn’t bother me to travel alone,” she said. “I’ve made a lot of friends.”

Currently, she’s at home staying close to family. She has five children and six grandchildren.

“Robin, after all these years, is family,” Linda said. “I’ve referred nurses to her. I could always count on TRS.” Robin said Linda is like family to her also. “She’s always calling and checking on me.” During one assignment, Linda lived with Robin. “She’s a great cook,” Robin said. She recalled quickly eating caramelized cabbage that Linda made. Robin ate it so quickly she couldn’t remember what Linda put in it.

“She is so fun to be around,” Robin said. Recently, Robin was in the hospital, and Linda called to check on her. Had Linda known that Robin had to go back to the hospital, she would’ve been there sitting beside Robin. “She’s amazing,” Robin said. “She’s very dependable. She’s just an overall great person.”

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