TravCon 2017 – Education session

Session Title:  “Effective Resumes – Make it Shine” Roundtable

Speaker:  Shaunna Nastasi, with TRS Healthcare. SNastasi@trshealthcare.com

Bio from Travelers Conference homepage:

I was born and raised in Northwest Arkansas where I live with my husband and 3 children.  Before I was part of the TRS Healthcare team, I was in the dental field for 12 years.  I have been a team member at TRS Healthcare for 4 years, starting off as a Nurse Recruiter.  Within 2 years, I was taking care of 53 working nurses.  Since that time, I have been promoted to Recruiting Manager and handle the complete training process for new recruiters.  I also oversee veteran recruiters to ensure we are following through with our company policy of top-level nurse service.  It’s important to me that our recruiting team is fluent in their communication and works with integrity and honesty at all times.  I love what I do and assisting our nurses so they can focus on excellent patient care is what makes this job so fulfilling to me.

Heading up the Roundtable discussion on building and maintaining effective resumes is TRS Healthcare’s very own, Shaunna Nastasi, Recruiting Manager.  Joining her is Rick Shaffer, with MSSI.

Topics discussed included: 

-What a facility looks for in a traveler

-How an agency uses the information you provide to make your resume stand out

-What you should always include when compiling a resume

-What you should leave off your resume

Questions asked by attendees included:

-How long should my resume be?

-How does an agency format my resume for the facility?

-Why does a facility not accept a direct resume from me?

-What on my resume might keep me from getting an interview/job?

Takeaways from session:

Trimming the fat from your resume keeps you competitive in the travel industry.  Try to keep your resume scaled down to one page (no more than 2 pages!) and be sure to include all relevant experience in the Specialty in which you are pursuing employment.  It is also helpful to list the facility bed numbers and patient ratios for each position worked.  Leave off your resume any travel assignments lasting less than 4 weeks and any non-medical field work history.

A facility looks for recent and applicable experience.  They also place high value on references and it’s good to try to get one from every facility.  A travel company will format things in the way the facilities are accustomed to viewing them, allowing for quicker interviews and offers.


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