TRS Healthcare is planning some big events for the 2017 Travelers Conference and to ensure we delivered exactly what our travelers would like, we decided to ask some questions.  We polled over 600 healthcare professionals who have attended TravCon in the past to find out what they liked most and what they would prefer in the future.  Here are our results:

When asked about attendance, over 60% of respondents said they had attended the Travelers Conference more than once.  Very telling is that 64% are planning to be there again this year and 28% aren’t sure yet.

67% of those polled reported they were “Extremely Satisfied” with the TravCon they participated in while 31% were “Satisfied”.  Not one healthcare professional expressed any dissatisfaction at all, an astonishing thing in an era where people find it easy to leave negative reviews or offer critique.

As we were interested what the biggest draw was to travelers, we asked what people found to be their most favorite aspect of the conference.  62% said it was the Speakers themselves, 45% enjoyed getting promotional items from the participating companies.  31% preferred the big item giveaways, 33% had their most memorable experiences hanging out with fellow travelers and 31% just love the fact that TravCon itself is held in Las Vegas.

In an open form answer, respondents were asked what their least favorite aspect of the Travelers Conference was and even these results were very complimentary to the organizers.  Some wished it were more days, some felt they didn’t have enough time to visit all the vendor booths or couldn’t spend enough time with the ones they did.  A few mentioned that overlapping classes caused them to have to choose.  12% said that hangovers were their least favorite part of TravCon.

36% of attendees visit for networking opportunities, while 24% are seeking to keep up with industry innovations.  People also were looking for educational opportunities, job leads with other companies and were there to hear specific speakers.

As should be clearly evident, the organizers of the Travelers Conference have honed their skills to such an extent that healthcare professionals continue to travel from all over the country to attend this gathering of like-minded individuals.  To have so much diversity in age, experience and Specialties all be able to find common ground with each other is a testament to the presentation and execution of what is essentially the travel industry’s Superbowl.

TRS Healthcare is proud to be a sponsor of TravCon 2017 and we hope that you will continue to share your thoughts with us regarding things we can improve upon to ensure you have a great experience with us in Las Vegas and when you travel with us on an assignment.  Please be sure you stop by our booths at the Travelers Conference and make it a point to ask how you can get invitations to our exclusive Day One Afterparty and a chance to win a cruise for two!

Would you like to take our survey also?  Click here to share your thoughts about past experiences at the Travelers Conferences.




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