We have a saying here, “When you join The Right Solutions, you join a family.” We would like to introduce you to someone who is an extension of our family. Dominique Kemper is the granddaughter of one of our nurse recruiters, Regina Davis, and she is a remarkable young woman with an amazing story. Last year we conducted fundraiser at The Right Solutions to help Dominique play volleyball in special leagues. This year is no different except that we are reaching out to the public to ask for your help.

Please help her raise funds to continue playing volleyball and reach for her dreams.

A remarkable girl with an inspiring story, and she needs your help!

Dominique Kemper’s Story:

In 2006, Dominique met a family, the Kempers, which would change her life forever. Renee Kemper, her husband and son moved to an area near Beaver Lake in 2006. Dominique and Renee’s son became instant friends. Soon after Dominique’s father asked Renee if she could help take care of Dominique. She was happy to help. Renee began to notice that Dominique was a troubled child. She was not doing well in school, had a hard time controlling her anger, could barely read, and did not open up or communicate well with others. Renee quickly deduced that things at home where abusive.
In the summer of 2008, Dominique complained of back pain while she was changing into her bathing suit. Renee went in to check on her and discovered that Dominique’s back and legs were covered in bruises. Her father had accused her of stealing and although Dominique denied it, he had beaten her with a belt. Angry, Renee confronted him and called the police. Dominique was then taken and put in foster care. Renee never lost touch with her and in the middle of July she was summoned to court and able to bring Dominique home. In March of 2010 Dominique’s adoption became final and she was officially a member of the Kemper family.
All this happened when Dominique was eight. She is now fourteen, a honor roll student, skilled volleyball player and the sweetest girl you would ever meet. Rather than pity herself and her situation, Dominique has taken control of her life and is very proud of her accomplishments. If you would like to read more about Dominique by click here.


How You Can Help
Dominique is a very skilled volleyball player and is often asked to play in special leagues; however, these leagues are very expensive but very necessary for her to fulfill her dream of playing collegiate volleyball.  This year she has been asked to participate in the Ozark Junior Competitive Volleyball League, a nonprofit organization, and needs help raising the fees to participate. The fees go to pay for uniforms, equipment, officials and tournaments.
We are very proud of Dominique and hope that her story is an inspiration to you.  If you would like to help by donating please click here. All donations are greatly appreciated and go directly to fees needed to participate in the Ozark Juniors Competitive Volleyball League!

Sept. 30, 2015, update to her story:

Dominique continues to reach for her goal of becoming a college volleyball player.

Dominique continues to reach for her goal of becoming a college volleyball player.

Dominique has made the Sophomore and Junior Varsity team at Har-Ber High School. She continues to excel and has taken on more positions this year. She plays full court and plays for the entire game. She is going into competitive tryouts this year with more experience and high hopes of making a nationals team. She continues to strive for the best in everything. She is still an honor roll student and has all A’s. She is also taking two AP classes this year, which has been a huge challenge for her.

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