story of a great nurse, Lynn Brown-Dawson, RN, giving comfort to patients and their families.
Lynn Brown-Dawson, RN

On a daily basis The Right Solutions (TRS) is a part of touching lives and helping most in need of care. We often read and celebrate stories of our Providers fulfilling our mission to comfort and restore lives across the nation. It always brings a sense of pride and enjoyment to hear how a TRS provider saved a life, brought new life into this world, or comforted a patient in the greatest time of need.

Recently, I heard a firsthand story that completely changed how I viewed our services and our service to others. A few months back, my close friend was in the hospital with a severe illness. As I was visiting my friend and his wife in the hospital, they asked me if we had a nurse working in the hospital by the name of Lynn. I said yes we do, her name is Lynn Brown-Dawson. My friend’s wife (Becky) proceeded to explain to me how much she thought of Lynn. She told me Lynn was a terrific nurse and had great bedside skills and manners. Becky felt so comfortable with Lynn’s care that she was able to go home at night and take care of her kids. Becky was secure in knowing that Lynn was taking good care of her husband and this security provided a great sense of relief in a difficult time.

As I said earlier, it always brings a feeling of pride and enjoyment to hear what our providers do on a daily basis. When I heard how one of my loved ones was comforted by a TRS provider, I was changed forever. There are no words in the English language to express how I felt. If you could combine the meaning of the words pride, excitement, joy, gratitude, humility, it would still be an understatement.

Lynn Brown-Dawson, thank you for caring for my loved one! You took care of him when he needed it the most. I am so proud that you are a part of the TRS team and I am proud of what you and so many other nurses do on a daily basis.


Taylor Faught
CEO, The Right Solutions

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