So you are packing for your travel assignment, making your lists, checking them twice when out of the corner of your eye you see your hand weights. You desperately try to ignore them, but you can’t. The guilt is settling in. They are pleading with their unforgivable stares to please take them with you. You want to work out but let’s face it, hand weights are bulky, heavy and they take up too much room. Not to mention they are horrible on gas mileage, adding additional weight to your car. 

So what do you do? You could just suck it up and take them with you. You could purchase new ones when you get to your travel destination, but then you would have to either drag them home with you or leave them there. Honestly, that is just throwing money away. Or you could join a gym while there but often gyms require a 12 month commitment. If a gym does allow you to do a month to month it is often costly.

The solution – resistance bands! Resistance bands are lightweight, they don’t take up much space (they can literally be folded and packed in a suitcase, like a t-shirt or a pair of pajama pants), they are not a huge investment and they will give you the same work out as a pair of hand weights. Resistance bands are appropriately named because they work your muscles using: you got it, resistance. The more resistance the harder the muscle works. You can purchase them online or in most stores like Walmart or Target. They normally cost anywhere from $3.95 to $6.95 for a set of three. Some resistance bands can be more expensive depending on the company that is selling them.

So don’t worry about those hand weights, get rid of the guilt and get a pair of hand weights before your next travel nursing assignment. If you have any great health or fitness related tips, we would love to hear them. Just leave us a message in the comment section of this blog. We just might feature it in our tip of the week series.

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