Jennifer Henry

Jennifer Henry

Job well done to Jennifer Henry, TRS account manager, for recently being named employee of the month! Jennifer has worked at TRS for almost two years. Before she moved to account management, she worked as a recruiter specialist, a recruiter and covered for account management. She enjoys the competitiveness of the position. “I just like the professionalism of account management,” she said.

Darbi Clark, TRS director of account management, nominated Jennifer for the honor. Darbi said Jennifer is one of the hardest working employees she knows. “She is determined, focused and always goes the extra mile. She signed the company’s first CoNexus MSP this year, and her numbers are growing by leaps and bounds.”

Her position includes communicating with vendor management service accounts for nearly 750 facilities. “Jennifer provides excellent customer service to her facilities and does an amazing job at being creative in selling her needs and facilities and doing whatever it takes to staff her needs,” Darbi said. “She sets goals for herself and has a daily plan of what she wants to accomplish. I can’t thank Jennifer enough and thank her for doing an amazing job!”

This is her first time to be named employee of the month. “Darbi and I really work hard together,” Jennifer said. They come in for 6 a.m. meetings and stay late. “I think we just work really hard and keep it up.” She’s reaching goals and setting new ones. She joined the 5,000 hours club, and she hopes to find work for 80 healthcare professionals. She also looks to become employee of the year and earn a six-figure salary. “I’m a team person,” she said. “Management has always been a future goal.”

Outside of work, she hopes to earn a bachelor’s degree in organizational management. She is a full-time student in the degree completion program at John Brown University. Other personal goals include owning horses, land, a big house, nice cars and to have a child. She lives in Rogers with her boyfriend, Scott, and three dogs.

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